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January 29, 2014

10 cleverest Lumia shots of the month

With a shedload of great camera innovations in both hardware and software, it’s no wonder that Nokia Lumia smartphone owners are capturing some truly amazing photos.

We’ve scoured some of the social networks to bring you a collection of our favourite photos taken on Nokia Lumia smartphones.

1. Since Instagram became available for Nokia Lumia, many people have taken to it to share their photos, just like justinspelbrink has in this photo below.

Taken with a Nokia Lumia 1020 – according to the hashtag – Justin has captured the waves perfectly.

2. We spotted this Nokia Refocus photo from @shadillac77 and can totally relate to his comment: “Way better than the view from my office.”

As with any Nokia Refocus image, go ahead and tap or click anywhere on the image to alter the focus.

3. Sometimes a simple still image isn’t enough for you to convey what it is you’re seeing – that’s where Nokia Cinemagraph really shines. This photo by @hethler is nice as a standalone photo, but add some movement into it and you really feel the tranquility of the scene.


4. This colourful photo by arilroffie was taken with a Nokia Lumia 520. The out of focus look makes makes it look even dreamier.

5. Appearing, or disappearing, over the horizon is a beautiful sunset – captured by darrengsproat and his Nokia Lumia 1020. Simply stunning.

6. As well as adjusting the focus after the shot, Nokia Refocus also includes a colour-pop feature. This enables you to highlight a specific colour within an image and remove the rest. This Nokia Refocus photo from @beater420 shows this off particularly well.

7. Who doesn’t like a magic trick? With Nokia Cinemagraph you can make a subway train vanish. Well, part of it anyway. It appears as if @ChayMartis has also added a filter to this Cinemagraph, which only adds to the effect.


8. Nokia Camera‘s Action Shot feature makes it possible to take a series of photos and use them all in the final shot. This can lead to some clever photography, such as this shot by i_hate_this_.

9. This year’s Grammys recently concluded and @steverogalinski was, so it seems, behind the scenes with a load of editing equipment when Katy Perry made her appearance. His Nokia Cinemagraph has fire, explosions and Katy Perry.


10. For most, being able to spin a basketball on a finger lasts only seconds. Not for @GeraldTheThird. Thanks to Nokia Cinemagraph, his ball-spinning skills will last forever. Nicely done.


That’s our top ten Nokia Lumia photos from across the web this month. Which was your favourite? Have you seen any others? Let us know, below.