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March 25, 2014

Nokia Asha 230: the affordable essential

It’s Nokia’s most affordable touchscreen phone to date.

In certain mobile circles, the word ‘affordable’ is commandeered with caution. Something that places so little strain on the wallet, must be devoid of important features, lacking in design nous and without a hint of innovation, right? It couldn’t be further from the truth…

At 45 EUR/ 59 USD, the brand-spanking-new Nokia Asha 230, is Nokia’s most affordable touchscreen.

Packed with social apps as well as essential social networks tools like Facebook and Twitter, the Asha 230 will ensure you’re always connected to your friends, family and social circles. Better still there’s Fastlane, which means you’re never more than a swipe away from accessing all of your most recent notifications.


As well as its price tag, the Nokia Asha 230 also offers extra savings potential thanks to the Nokia Xpress Browser, which minimalises data usage when perusing the internet. Put simply, the browser compresses data behind the scenes, meaning you enjoy more for your monthly allowance.

  • Online HERE Maps available from Store with walking & driving directions, public transportation, traffic  information

If that value proposition isn’t enough, everyone who purchases an Asha 230 handset will get an exclusive game gift of ten games (worth $20) available via Nokia Store.

With up to 32GB of storage via a MicroSD card, it can also act as the perfect replacement for your old media player, allowing you to converge into a single device and save pocket space.

Naturally, for a Nokia-crafted device, the Asha 230 is built to last. Affordable doesn’t mean cheap, and this device’s sturdy frame will stand the test of time. Also, if you’re thinking of buying another handset to use abroad on your holiday this summer, then don’t; this device is quad-band, meaning it’ll work practically anywhere in the world

The Nokia Asha 230 will also keep on ticking when other handsets would need to stop for a breather, with 33 days of standby time and 12 hours of talk time possible from the battery. What does that mean? Less charges and a lower electricity bill. Every little counts.

So all things considered, can you really think of anywhere you can get better value in a mobile phone than the Nokia Asha 230? Everything you need in one smart, tough, easy-to-use and versatile at a price that’s right.

If you want a rich experience without breaking the bank, what are you waiting for?