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March 26, 2014

The best productivity apps for Nokia X

In our increasingly busy lives, smartphones have enabled us to stay busy and productive while on the move. The new Nokia X family of devices is no different.

Whether it’s sending emails on the bus, ensuring that everything on the to-do list has been ticked off, keeping up with the latest news, accessing files from other devices or taking advantage of fast and easy internet access, you’ll get more done with a Nokia X in your arsenal. Here are our favourite productivity apps currently available.


The super-popular SwiftKey predictive keyboard app is available for the Nokia X as a free download. The timesaving application looks at the structure of your sentences to predict the next word, allowing users to select it rather than type it. The SwiftKey Flow technology offers a quick and easy alternative typing method, allowing fingers to be kept on the screen to swipe between letters when creating words. is built into every Nokia X phone, giving you instant access to your Microsoft-based email. Those signing up for the free account will also have access to 7GB of free online storage through Microsoft…



The inability to access important files and documents saved on other devices can prove pretty frustrating when you’re trying to stay productive. Thankfully, the OneDrive app will ensure everything you need remains available to view or share with a quick tap of the touchscreen. The cloud-storage solution also allows Nokia X owners to safeguard photos and videos shot on the device. Every person that signs up gets 10GB of space, free.



Like your own personal magazine, Flipboard is a great way to digest news from websites, blogs, social media and more in a visual and engaging way. Pick what you want to follow from a selection of interests and then tap to open up the stories that appeal. You can share articles to your own social networks and save your favourite stories, images and videos for later reading. It really does bring a new way of looking at Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds. Well recommended.


BBC News

Sometimes it’s difficult to remain industrious when there’s just so much happening in the world to distract us from the task at hand. The BBC News app for the Nokia X is the perfect solution, allowing you to digest a cross section of global events in mere minutes and get back to work.


Unless you have an elephantine memory, a solid to-do list is one of the best ways to keep track of everything that needs to be accomplished before you can put your feet up. Wunderlist is one of the best at what it does. Separate tasks between work and personal life, place them into categories depending on the urgency and tick off tasks as they’re completed.


Weather Channel

Rain sure will put a dent in plans to get around town and accomplish important tasks, but less so if you checked the Weather Channel app beforehand and discerned the perfect time to dive out between deluges. There’s hourly, daily and a ten-day forecast making it easier to plan ahead.



You could spend a few minutes kicking around various websites looking for the information you seek, or you could use the Wikipedia app and take a quick soak in the fountain of knowledge before continuing with your day.


What are your favourite productivity apps? Let us know, below.