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Why Nokia Lumia works smarter right out of the box

Written By published April 2, 2014

While thinking outside the box may be the smart workers’ mantra, here at Nokia Conversations we firmly believe you should check out what’s inside it, too.

This is particularly true when it comes to Nokia Lumia devices with Windows Phone 8. Packed to the brim with essential applications, these smartphones are ready for business right out-of-the-box. If you want to work smarter from the moment you unveil your new device, here’s our top tips where to begin.

lumia office

Your Office out of the office

All Nokia Lumia devices have Microsoft Office Mobile built in, which means you can instantly get on with your Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents.

You can open, edit and share Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations anywhere via your OneDrive, SharePoint or Office 365 account, as well as create collaborative notebooks on projects or events with colleagues using OneNote.

And, when you make changes to an Office document, they are automatically synced with OneDrive or SharePoint, meaning you and your team will always have the most recent and up to date version at hand.

Lots of devices, OneDrive

According to a recent poll*, at least 77% of people, though familiar with cloud services, still have content stored on a device that is not backed up elsewhere. Thankfully, when your Nokia Lumia comes out of the box, you definitely won’t belong to that group anymore. Every Nokia Lumia smartphone comes with 7GB of free cloud storage, which you can upgrade to a whopping 100GB. To make working on multiple devices even more convenient, you can choose to automatically back up all your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote documents by turning on the auto upload in your device’s settings. We bet you won’t miss having to improvise presentations you’ve left on your desktop…we certainly don’t!


Instant business email

Does your company have Microsoft Exchange or IBM Notes as its business email solution for employees? You’ll be pleased to know, then, that when you sign in to your Nokia Lumia with the same Outlook or IBM Notes Traveler account you use on your PC, your office contacts, emails, tasks and calendar appointments will be immediately updated to your mobile device. Add to that the fact that you can manage attachments, appointments and tasks, and you really have another out-of-the box solution that’s hard to beat.

It’s good to be HERE

The HERE apps – HERE Drive, HERE Maps and HERE Transit, which are preinstalled on all Lumia devices, are equally essential for both commuters and business travellers. With almost 200 countries already mapped around the globe and turn by turn navigation available in 96 countries, they’ll help you get to places smarter, on time and in a variety of ways, whether you’re driving, taking public transport or heading out on foot. While the new MyCommute feature learns your route to work and suggests changes depending on traffic, the augmented reality solution LiveSight places virtual signs on buildings so you’ll feel at home in an unfamiliar city. Off to a meeting? HERE we go!


Peace of mind comes easy

We’ve recently made a lot of noise about how fit your Nokia Lumia is for smart working in terms of security. And that’s all built-in. To laugh in the face of thieves, just set up your personal device lock password before starting to work, and remember to turn on location to enable the Find my phone feature. The data in transit between your device and the cloud or company servers is inaccessible to intruders, too, because all traffic is encrypted. Moreover, your company’s IT management can enable data encryption to further protect the data stored on your device.

So, we all know that urgent business can’t wait, and Nokia Lumia devices have been designed with that in mind – putting you in control of your work from day one. Which one’s your most cherished out of the box feature? Any come to mind that we haven’t mentioned here? Please tell us your stories in the comments section below.

*Source: Online survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Microsoft Corp in December 2013.