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April 7, 2014

MVC March – Shots to make your head-spin by Ana Puzar

You probably know this already – but a lot of Nokia users are pretty amazing photographers. Every day at Nokia Connects – we get sent a whole flurry of people doing incredible things straight from their Nokia lens and we’re always in awe. This is why it is our greatest pleasure to reward Ana Puzar the title of MVC March for her beautiful, sharp and eye-wateringly brilliant photography.

Located in Croatia, Ana captures the world straight from her Lumia 920 and records all her adventures on her Instagram account. We love Ana’s crisp and light approach to photography and most of all; we love the fact that she’s achieving all this quality – straight from a Lumia.

Our MVC  judge Jenifer Hanen is a huge fan of Ana’s work. She says:

In all my scanning of Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, 500px, et al earlier this month, I have not found someone whose stream is as interesting to me.

We have to hand it to Jen, this sums it up perfectly. Ana is certainly very engaging and we loved her work. However, – don’t just take our word for it; here are 5 things that prove Ana is the greatest:


1.      She called her dog ‘Simba’. Yes that’s right – like the little lion in The Lion King. Not only that, she captured Simba perfectly on her Lumia.


2.      She rocks the Tiny Planet PRO app. Check these out:




 3.      She put a Lumia 1020 in a bubble and took a photo. We have no idea how she did this but it’s possibly the best thing ever.


4.      Her low-light photography is making our head spin, it’s that great!



 5.      She really does take the most professional, magnificent photos. This one was taken from her 1020 – just check out that detail!


We’re really excited to bring Ana into our MVC family. She’s the perfect example of the talent we have in our community.  As Jen explains:

Ana not only has a great eye for photographs but she has also been reaching out to the Lumia community on Flickr, Instagram and other places.

We’re sure you’ll agree that Ana is an excellent addition to the MVC winners and we would urge you to go follow her on Instagram and Flickr as she really does create some jaw-dropping photos. Hopefully you’ll be so inspired that you’ll be up and out of your seat snapping pictures just like we have!