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April 11, 2014

Little details YOU’RE loving #5: Nokia Lumia 1020 camera bump

We asked, you told us. The little detail you liked the most was…

The unmistakable Nokia Lumia 1020 camera bump. With its circular protrusion from its polycarbonate body; it’s unlike any other camera phone.


It’s not just there for decoration, either, the Lumia 1020 has been designed to house the impressive 41-megapixel camera sensor with ZEISS optics and xenon flash.

Sitting in the hand, the bump is perfectly positioned and rests comfortably beneath the forefinger, even providing a little extra grip.


Because the camera bump is located off-centre, the Lumia 1020 sits at a slight angle when positioned on a table, providing a better viewing angle for whatever’s on screen.


For cameraphone lovers and people seriously interested in taking spectacular photos, the Nokia Lumia 1020 has become iconic.

What do you think of the camera bump on the Nokia Lumia 1020? Tell us, below.