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May 1, 2014

Windows Phone accessories for Lumia

It’s not just headphones and battery packs that make great mobile accompaniments. Check out these five quality add-ons.

nfc-stickersNFC Sticker Tags

With Near-Field Communication technology built right into many Lumia devices, there is a huge opportunity to customise how you interact with it.

From switching on Bluetooth when you get in your car, to launching a music app when you get home, simply stick these tags wherever you need them and touch your Lumia against them to perform modern-day magic.

As well as being super handy, they make a great party piece for technology naysayers.


Belkin Folio Case for Nokia Lumia 1520

Having a huge six-inch screen at your disposal is perfect for watching movies, reading e-books, browsing the web or doing office work on the move. It’s also great for travelling – whether that’s on a train or at 38,000ft.


This slim and natty phone case, with a microfibre lining, doubles as a handy wallet for keeping credit and ID cards tucked away.


However, its pièce de résistance is its Transformer-like ability to morph into a stand, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the action. Or complete the spreadsheet analysis report you neglected forgot to do last night.



tech-21-impact-caseTech21 Impactology Impact Shell for Nokia Lumia 925

The material used in this phone case is D3O – a military-grade futuristic substance that hardens on impact, protecting whatever’s inside it. In this case, it’s your Lumia 925.


Thankfully, the design is rather fetching, too. So, while it safeguards your phone against dirt and scratches, it’ll also turn a few heads.



Yurbuds Ironman Armband

You don’t need us to tell you what a brilliant exercise companion your Lumia is. With SensorCore technology built into new devices, you’ll be able to track a whole lot more than how many steps you took yesterday.


This lightweight armband fits most Lumia smartphones and is made from a super-soft neoprene material that keeps sweat and moisture away from the inner workings of your device.


It’ll also fit most arms. Unless you’re The Hulk.



inner-fence-windows-phone-accessoryInner Fence Credit Card Terminal for Windows Phone 8 

Designed for small businesses, this nifty add-on allows Lumia-wielding shop assistants to take credit card payments from customers wherever they are.


With the associating app, it will accept customer signatures and will email receipts, turning Lumia into a powerful sales tool.


It connects via the headphone port and is fully versed in location-based sales tax, maps, signatures, and tipping.


What are your favourite accessories for Lumia? Let us know!