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May 5, 2014

Limit browsing and downloads with Nokia Asha parent control

The latest Nokia Asha software update came with some useful and vital features, including new regulation tools for parents.

Primarily in place to restrict use of certain applications, the ability to browse the internet and install apps from the Nokia Store are now in your control.


If your kids have a Nokia Asha, or are always borrowing your phone to play games, the last thing you want is them logging into the Nokia Store and downloading more titles – especially if they’re not free.

Additionally, you may live in a household where you share a phone. Internet browsing costs could soon add up if everyone’s online. Restricting access will reduce the risk of receiving a big data bill at the end of the month.

Setting up these parental controls is easy and only takes a minute.

On your Nokia Asha 500, Nokia Asha 501, Nokia Asha 502, Nokia Asha 503, or Nokia Asha 230, head to the settings option, then into restrictions and flip the switch.


Enter a special number that only you know and, hey presto!, the next time someone tries to access the internet of download an app or game from the Nokia Store, they’ll be asked to enter the code.

It’s then up to you to decide to give people access or not, but at least it gives you total control and more visibility.

Have you tried the new parental controls on your Nokia Asha? Share your experiences with us below.