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May 15, 2014

Discover more music with Lumia, MixRadio and FlashFWD

Both Nokia and Microsoft have always been synonymous with music, and this year MixRadio is a proud sponsor of the FlashFWD Awards, which honors innovators revolutionizing the way we create and consume music via technology.

If you are the lucky owner of a Lumia smart device, you already know that one of its best capabilities is the ability to find and listen to just about any kind of music you want through one of the many amazing music apps available for download.

Chief among these of course is the MixRadio service which is now available both via the app as well as through its new website MixRadio provides free, personalised music with no advertising, including Play Me, an ever-changing mix based on the music you love, as well as hundreds of handcrafted mixes, and the ability to save your favorite mixes for offline playback so you can listen even without an internet connection.


At FlashFWD, MixRadio sponsored the Best In Discovery Category, which showcased the platforms that have helped drive discovery in the last year. The nominees were…


Over the last few years, Shazam has become THE way to discover music on the fly. At the club and hear a jam you want to download later? Want to relive a special musical moment again in your car? Just pull up Shazam on your Lumia hit the button and within seconds you’ll know exactly what you’re hearing.


There’s not much we need to say about one of the world’s most ubiquitous realtime social platforms, but Twitter’s influence and data on music have gone to another level, which is why we will very soon be seeing official Billboard Twitter chart.


Miss the old days of MTV when you could actually watch music? Vevo keeps the dream alive and reminds us everyday why music videos matter, serving as the portal for music videos worldwide. Watch Vevo online or with their standalone mobile apps like this one.



It’s no coincidence that the popularity of electronic dance music (EDM) and DJ culture has exploded alongside the recent rise of social technology, as the listenability, mixability and danceability of EDM has always made it one of the most social music forms. Enter Beatport, the world’s leading music store and community for DJs and EDM fans. Listen, learn, create and more at

The winner in the end was Shazam, but really you could make a case for any of these plus many more of the awesome music apps for Lumia, including but not limited to:

Xbox Music

Spotify (just given a huge update with radio functionality!)



Beats Music

Plus YouTube, Vine and many more

Ultimately, your Lumia is your ticket to endless music discovery–check out App Social if you want tips on more apps to download. By sponsoring the FlashFWD Awards, MixRadio continues its tradition of sharing the musical love, flying the flag for an industry dedicated to helping you find the best tunes.

Finally, as a parting gift to FlashFWD attendees, MixRadio has created a killer music mix which we are pleased to share with you now. As well as featuring artists honored at FlashFWD this year and in the past – such as Jay-Z, John Lennon, Beyonce and Skrillex – MixRadio has added lots of great, related artists – such as Iggy Azalea, Metric, Tove Lo and The Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra. So crank up the volume, press play and enjoy on your Windows Phone or stream online live. Whichever option you choose we guarantee you’ll be grooving into the weekend.