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May 15, 2014

Talkin ‘bout my generation with Lumia Stories Experiment

A ton of Lumia 1520s, one hundred people, countless inspiring stories.

Millions of amazing stories are being told every day. In a bid to share some of these exciting and emotional stories, we set out on a mission to recruit 100 people, aged between one and 100 years old, from around the world, arming them with a Lumia 1520 to help capture and share their amazing lives, adventures, memories and history.

As part of the Lumia Stories Experiment, which looks at how people from every generation view technology, we received thousands of rousing submissions to take part.

We are now proud to reveal every story through an exclusive digital hub, where you’ll find life experiences full of emotion, bravery and reinvention.

These include four-year-old Simon Yoon from Canada, whose story was shared by his father about his everyday ups and downs living with autism.




29-year-old Brayan Casas from New York, who shares a story of great determination in the face of adversity; rebuilding his life after super-storm Sandy in 2012.

We also had 40-year-old Joe Stanley, from the UK, who used the Lumia 1520 to document and share his step-by-step recovery after being severely injured in a motorbike accident.


And how former Antarctic explorer, Dr. Donald (now in his nineties), gets to share his exploration adventures with us and give us an insight into life on the Antarctic.


With its amazing 20MP PureView camera, the Lumia 1520 gave participants the freedom to easily capture video and pictures in high quality and crisp detail.


Add to that the beautiful large display and Nokia Storyteller, and you’ll see how the Lumia 1520 has enabled people to relive their special moments in this world’s first experiment.

We are on the hunt for the 100th person to trial the device and share their story. If you know of anyone born in 1916 with an interesting story to tell, or for you to tell it on their behalf, please visit the LumiaStories trial to sign up!

Make sure you visit Facebook to see every amazing story. Track each life experience as they continue to unfold by following #Lumiastories.