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May 22, 2014

Cortana: what she said next…

In our previous hidden tricks of Cortana post, we wanted to hear your own questions and share them with us. Now that we’ve gathered them all up, it’s time for our show and tell. Or ask and speak…

You: Can you dance?

Cortana: ‘I’m still practicing my moves. Check back after beta.’


You: May the force be with you.

Cortana: ‘My ally is the force, and a powerful ally it is.’

ALT: ‘Don’t try to frighten us with your sorcerer’s ways, Lord Vader’

You: What is your favourite music?

Cortana: ‘Well, I’m working through the “G’s” currently: Guns N’ Roses, gospel, glockenspiel…’

You: I’m lonely!

Cortana: ‘Keep talking to me, then’

ALT: ‘Try Contacts Roulette: pick a random contact and give them a call.’


You: What song is playing?

Cortana: ‘Listening for music…’

You: Remind me to buy milk the next time I’m at the store.

Cortana: ‘Remind you when you get to store. Is this the one you want?’ – select locally suggested store.’

You: ‘Remind me to buy gas when I leave work’

Cortana: ‘Remind you about this? – Remind or cancel.’

You: I’m bored.

Cortana: ‘Ask me some more questions, then!’

ALT: ‘I suggest a new game from the Store’


You: When is the next Ellie Goulding event?

Cortana: ‘Here’s the upcoming Ellie Gouding event.’

You: I’m tired

Cortana: ‘I’ll set a nap alarm if you tell me when to wake you up.’

You: I’m excited.

Cortana: ‘Keep it going, chief. The serotonin will do you good.’

You: I’m happy.

Cortana: ‘Cool. Is it alarming how charming you feel?’

You: I’m angry.

Cortana: ‘That’s no good. If there’s something I can do to help, let me know.’

You: How far is it to the sun?

Cortana: ’92.96 million miles’


You: How tall is [famous person]

Cortana: ‘[Will tell you the height]’

You: How old is [famous person]

Cortana: ‘[Will tell you the age]’

You: ‘What is [company]’s current stock price?’

Cortana: ‘[She’ll read it].’

You: Twitter Beta, new tweet.

Cortana: ‘Launching Twitter Beta’ ‘Listening… say your tweet.’

You: How many calories are in a burger?

Cortana: ‘Here’s the nutritional info for a serving of Hamburger (single patty)’

You: Who is the tallest man in the world?

Cortana: ‘Sultan Kösen’

Have you played around with Cortana? Have you discovered any interesting or funny responses to your questions?

Feel free to share them with us, below.