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June 9, 2014

Files: official file manager for Windows Phone 8.1

Managing content on your Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone, such as the Lumia 630, just got a whole lot easier, thanks to the new Files app.

When Joe Belfiore, Vice President, Windows Phone Program Management & Design, posted the following tweet, it caused a lot of delight for many Windows Phone customers.

With access to the documents, downloads and pictures folders, but to name a few, you’re then free to delete, share, move or rename as you see fit.


However, essential system files remain locked away, for your phone’s safety. The last thing you want is a mis-deleted file and a bricked phone.

You can also create folders to keep your stuff organised. For example, you may like to save your monthly expenses forms in one place. Create a folder named ‘expenses’ and you’ll know precisely where you need to look the next time you need them.

Items you wish to share can be sent out via your email accounts, Bluetooth, OneDrive, messaging or social channels, depending on the type of content selected.

Another key feature of Files is being able to see what folders are taking up space; just press and hold on a folder to select the properties option. Here, you’ll see how many megabytes are being used – 44Mb in the case of my Screenshots folder.

Files is available to download now for free from the Windows Phone Store.

Have you been waiting for this, or do you not really need a file manager? Let us know, below.