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June 30, 2014

10 Cleverest Lumia shots of the month

We’ve been at it again. We’ve scoured the Web and found 10 fantastic photos — all taken on Lumia smartphones — that deserve a share. Here they are.


In last week’s photo round-up, reader Hash suggested we look at his 500px account. We did, and we liked what we saw. Here’s our favorite:


Over on Twitter, @rich_may has shared a wonderfully subtle moment using the Cinemagraph app.



Can’t make up your mind whether you want to focus on the foreground or the background? Use the Refocus app to decide later, as @chanimehro has.

For now, select anywhere on the screen to find your favorite focus point. Or, select the ‘all in focus’ button on the bottom of the picture.


Instagram user and Lumia fan, rites1994, uploaded a wonderful photo taken on his Lumia 520.

The small blue beads or color-popped water roll across a plant.

Very nicely done.


PocketNow’s Michael Fisher (@Captain2Phones) appears to have a “thirsty ghost,” according to a recent tweet.

Proof, by way of Cinemagraph.



While we’re not sure what the figurines in this next Refocus image are, it’s a good example of how the app works.

The primary focus is on the closest object, with one more out of focus behind. Go on, tap the second item. Then try tapping on the back of the corridor. Clever, right?

Thanks for sharing, @rafarigues.


In the most desolate of places, life can thrive. This clever color-popped photo from zacharynmercer gives the illusion of a barren landscape with a small oasis at the centre.


Money makes the world go round, but it’s wind that powers windmills. By using the Cinemagraph app, @gpburo had the ability to capture the movement forever.



@pranky0607 recently shared a lovely Refocus of a daisy sitting in the foreground. Want to see what’s behind? Tap the grass or the buildings.


Photographing the underside of a flow against a sky isn’t always easy, but lphelpsdawes seems to make it look easy from her Lumia Icon.

There’s plenty of detail and it looks great.

Thank you Lumia owners around the world! We’ll keep our eyes open for your next creations.

Which is your favorite?