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July 14, 2014

Now on Windows Phone: Dragons Adventure World Explorer

Delve into a land of Vikings and dragons with Dragons Adventure: World Explorer. Starting today, this premium gaming app, inspired by the new DreamWorks Animation film, “How to Train Your Dragon 2,” can be yours for free from the Windows Phone Store or Windows Store.


Microsoft and DreamWorks Animation have teamed up to create a gaming adventure featuring real time data from sources like HERE Maps, FourSquare and The Weather Channel, transforming the real world into the fantastical Isle of Berk!

On the heels of the initial Lumia-exclusive game, which was made available last fall on the Lumia 2520, the new version has been overhauled and optimized for select Lumia phones and tablets.


The Viking Age meets the 21st Century

Dragons Adventure: World Explorer cleverly combines the real world with the virtual world of Isle of Berk, takes immersive gaming to a whole new level.

In the “Train” car-playing mode, you simply type in your location and set the destination. Once you are on the road (we recommend that someone else is behind the wheel!), watch as you and your dragon soar over traffic intersections, restaurants, shops, and other familiar landmarks. Fly your dragon by tilting your phone left, right, up and down to gather points and fulfill your quest.

Amazingly, the game will reflect the weather outside your car window: if it’s raining outside, your dragon will fly through raindrops on your screen. At twilight, your dragon will fly against a glowing sunset. And if you come across a place that’s hot on Foursquare, you will see Vikings queuing outside.

Here’s a plus for parents: When your car reaches its destination, the game automatically ends — a useful feature to help manage playing time.


Exotic Destinations

If you want to play at home (use the “Explore” mode), you can take the flight control of your dragon and travel through 16 real cities including London (don’t hit Big Ben!), Berlin, Nairobi, Shanghai and Washington, D.C. (wave hi to President Obama as you fly over the White House). In total, the game features 38 quests and six dragons whose powers can be upgraded.

You can also play with your favorite heroes and train the dragons. Even Hiccup can be unlocked with a simple registration!


Tips and Tricks

Here are a few suggestions to get the most out of this new game:

1. Each dragon has its own flight characteristics, so pick the best one for your quest.

For example, Toothless is much faster than Meatlug, but the little Gronkle is agile and can make quicker turns. Following registration, you will have more characters to choose from.

2. If you level-up your speed, your dragon will fly faster when you hit “speed boost.”

3. Increasing your attack skills means you can shoot more fireballs at enemy towers.

What are you waiting for? Whether you’re a kid or a just kid at heart, we dare you not to become hooked on Dragons Adventure: World Explorer.