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July 22, 2014

Nokia X2: smoother and more visual Fastlane

The easiest (and best) way to switch to all your favourite apps is to use Fastlane – unique to Nokia Asha and Nokia X phones.


From the Home screen of the Nokia X2, just a swipe to the right will uncover your past, your present (well, recent), and your future.

One thing you’ll notice on the X2 is how Fastlane is even more visual than before. Rather than a wall of text, there are now plenty of colourful, interesting thumbnails.

Pull down from the top of the screen and your next three calendar appointments will pop into view. For a more detailed look at your appointments, tap on the relevant items to be taken to your calendar.

Cascading downwards, in chronological order, are apps and items you’re currently using to those you’ve used recently.

Whether you’ve played a game like Danger Dash or created a message using OneNote, all events will be shown within Fastlane.


To pick up where you left off, just tap the item.

From within Fastlane, you can also pause, play or skip locally stored music, or tunes streaming through MixRadio.

Fastlane isn’t just for Android apps and games either, it makes communicating with your friends easier, too.

Facebook Messenger, Line, Skype, SMS, phone calls and emails are all viewable at a glance within this one screen.

If you see something you want, or need to respond to, just tap it.

However, you may not want everything to appear in your Fastlane. To prevent this, just tap and hold on any item, then press the close (x) icon. It’ll not show up again.

Alternatively, head into the Fastlane settings and select (or deselect) the appropriate items, apps or games to customise what you see.

While Nokia X2 comes with many improvements, an improved Fastlane is just one. We’ll be highlighting more features in the coming days, so stay tuned to Conversations!