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August 12, 2014

A lot of Bang for your buck

Launched in 2009, Zound Industries began the Coloud brand of audio equipment.

From R2-D2 designs and football editions, to the Boom, Knock and Pop headphones, Coloud’s got a great track record of making high quality headphones at affordable prices.


Coloud’s latest product, the Bang, is just as colourful and handsome as any of its predecessors, but this time in the form of a mini speaker, not a headset.

“This is the first speaker we’ve made with Nokia (cooperation continued with Microsoft) and as you can see when you look at the Bang there’s a heavy emphasis on design,” tells Nils Norén, Technical Manager at Zound Industries.

“In fact, everything we create is driven by design. Once we’ve perfected the design, it’s then that we figure out how to make it all work internally.”

You’ll notice that the Bang doesn’t look like you’re conventional speaker; they’re usually round. This one is triangular.

“This design was actually thought up by one of our interns. We loved the shape of it and fortunately, after sound development began, we realised we could make it all work,” mentions Nils.

On top of the Bang is the speaker grille where even the speaker holes are triangular. Behind this is a mesh that allows for some moderate levels of outdoor use.

“We’ve made the Bang to be fairly robust. It’s perfect for home use and great for garden parties, or at the beach (but not water resistant),” reassures Oscar Axhede, Brand manager at Zound Industries.

Another standout feature of the Bang is that you can daisy chain many together to create a much bigger sound.


Nils explains: “If you want a bigger sound, we’ve included that option. Linking several Bang speakers together is an easy way to do that.”

We launched the Bang alongside the Lumia 530, both vibrantly coloured and playful to match.

“The Bang is designed to compliment the Lumia 530, as well as other Lumias. We started to match the colours quite early on in the design stages. These vivid colours look great!” concludes Nils.

Priced at just €19, the Bang by Coloud is available in green, orange and black.