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August 27, 2014

Your Wish Is My App: the winners

Earlier this year, you shared your unique ideas for creating a smartphone app for the second season of the India-based Your Wish Is My App (YWIMA) contest.

We received a staggering 60,000 app submissions. Here are the top three winning ideas.

Here are the YWIMA season 2 winning ideas.

Drunk Check by Saurav Lashkari

This app idea is designed to lock the contacts you shouldn’t be calling or texting (boss, ex-flame or parents) when you are drunk. Prove that you’re not buzzed by answering algebra questions so you can unlock the app to communicate. Now, no one will know what you did or didn’t do last night!

EncycloPETia by Kritika Verma

This is a one-stop destination for pet lovers. The app idea is designed to help you with queries you might have regarding your pet’s diet or exercise or pet stores.

Bunking Buddy by Devyani Ruhela

Wish to skip classes or bunk college the whole day? (We don’t of course want to encourage you to do so!) The app idea is designed to let you find your partner in crime. It will let students to feed in subjects and timetable keeping the minimum attendance requirement and keep a record of classes bunked or attended.

Interesting app ideas, don’t you agree? We can’t wait to see these ideas being turned into apps.

Meanwhile, here are the winning apps from YWIMA season 1 that are now available in the Windows Phone Store.

Silent Noise BETA

silent copy

At parties, do you often tire of the all-too-familiar songs played over and over again? Since you can’t plug your Lumia smartphone into a boombox every time you’re at a boring party, what can you do? Enter Silent Noise.

The app, which works with Windows Phone, lets you share your music collection and allows everyone to control the playlist with their choice of songs. You and others can even vote for your favorites.

Getting started is simple. First, you need a WiFi network to stream music. Next, name your party and the estimated duration (in hours), and start playing music. Your friends can join your party using NFC by tapping on your phone while the app is running on their phones. Alternatively, share your party’s unique ID with them.

Watch out for the upcoming WP 8.1 version that will let you host silent parties.


click paint copy

The shiny bright Lumia smartphones you own are bound to attract your little ones. What can the tiny tots do with them other than throwing them?

ClickNPaint fills this gap. Let your kidsclick photos and teach them how to color the photo with the onscreen brush. Show them how from the available stencils and coloring options and discover the Picasso in them.


NGO connect copy

Would you like to support any cause? Just NGO connect. Offering a large database of non-governmental organizations across the country, this app sorts NGOs according to mission, aim, address, contact number etc. With the “nearby” option, you can find the NGOs in your vicinity. The app also allows you to donate to any NGO listed in the database.

Select your preferred NGO and share with your friends on social networking sites or alternatively mark it as a favorite so you can give donations on a regular basis. Just in case you don’t find your local institution, point it to the app and help the creators add it to the NGO database.

Earth Ripper

earth ripper copy

Do you remember when you didn’t get answers from your folks and teachers about your questions? What is on the other side of the Earth? Where do we end up if we continued digging a hole in the ground? It was heartbreaking as a kid to not know these things.

With Earth Ripper, you can learn about what’s literally on the other side of the world. The app lets you to find the antipode (other side of the world, diametrically) of the location or place that you have selected, and displays information about its nearest location. It also shows you the local weather and the current time of the place.

What’s on my plate

plate copy

We know how much you love Bing Health & Fitness and other apps to track your fitness. Well, here’s another must-have. What’s on my plate tells you the nutritional information of the dish you had or are eating now. Yes, you got it right. Just click the picture of the dish and enter its details. Alternatively, you can get the nutrient breakdown as a pie chart.

The “calorie log” section shows the total calories you consumed in a day and offers you a detailed analysis of calories consumed per week/month in the form of an interactive chart. In addition, you can keep your friends fit by sharing the description of your meals on social networking sites.

Have you tried these apps yet? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.