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September 10, 2014

Instagram people competition winners showcased

“Is it really possible to tell someone else what one feels?”, Leo Tolstoy writes in Anna Karenina.

It might not be, but based on the thousands of breathtaking entries we received for our #LumiaPeople Instagram competition, it’s certainly possible to show what you feel.

In case you don’t believe us, scroll down for some brilliant examples of people photography at its emotional best. The results of the #LumiaPeople competition are out and we’re proud to present the winners and the shortlist here!

The shortlistees


By helplessness_blues


 By hausofguido


By eftaaluleau


By anouk82


By petr_be

lumia instagramBy lightnuraa

lumia instagram

By insta_kenya

The top three:


By mysnapbox


By bill_box

The winner:


By monolumia

What the judges said: “The woman in this shot has such a relaxed expression that it’s hard not to feel the calming vibe of this photo. We love that she is floating on water and the way her hair is captured in this photo too.”

Wow’s the word for us, but what about you? Which pictures would have made your shortlist and which was your number one favourite? Please share your top choices with us in the comments!

We hope you’re as full of happy emotions for the winners as we are. But even if you do feel a tad disappointed you didn’t make the shortlist this time, chin up you lovely #LumiaPeople! Our #LumiaSilhoutte Instagram competition is in full swing, and you have three long weeks to send in your entries. You’re free to submit as many pics as you want, new or previously posted, as long as you’ve taken them with a camera smartphone. We look forward to seeing your captures!

Cover image by hausofguido