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September 18, 2014

Office 365: Word on your Lumia

Stepping away from the PC doesn’t mean that you need to stop working. With Office 365, you can actually be more productive on the go.

Installed onto every Windows Phone smartphone is the Office app, giving you access to all of the usual Office tools. Today, we’re looking at Word.

By using Office on your Lumia smartphone, you can review, edit, and even create new Word documents in the palm of your hand.


To ensure all of your files are synced and up-to-date, sign into your Office 365 account in the “places” section of the Office app. So when you create a document on your PC, you can carry on where you left off on your Lumia or tablet, and vice versa.

By the way, as a subscription service, Office 365 will always provide you with an up-to-date version of Office on your PC, tablet or your Lumia. And let’s not forget the 1 TB of OneDrive storage!

If you’re looking for an existing document, you’ll probably find it under the “recent” tab. To create a new document, hit the plus (+) icon to use one of the supplied templates (e.g. Agenda, Outline, Report) or go with the blank option if you want a clean slate.

Whenever you open a Word document on your Lumia, the Office app opens it in “read” mode, but to annotate, just hit the “edit” icon.

Writing any type of document with your Lumia is super-easy thanks in part to Word Flow, which was introduced in Windows Phone 8.1. Rather than tap each letter individually, place your finger or thumb on the first letter of a word and simply slide your digit to the next letter, and the next, until your word is complete. In addition, Word Flow predicts and helps you spells words.

With several format options, you can add underscores, strikethroughs, bold or italic actions in Word, as well as highlights and different font colors. You can also add your own comments — ideal if you’re working collaboratively with colleagues at work or pals in your class.

Sharing your work with other people is simple. From within the document, you can do so by tapping the “share” option and selecting the email, OneDrive, OneNote or Tap to share (NFC) option. You can also find these options in the recent panel by pressing on the document and holding.

Each time you log back into a document, you’ll be asked to update to the newest version. This keeps you and anybody else that may be working on the same document up-to-date.

Pro tip: Pinning documents to your Start screen makes accessing your files even quicker. Simply press and hold on the document and “pin to start.”


Are you using Word with Office 365? How are you using it? Let us know below.

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