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October 1, 2014

Travel in the Social Age: Pack Your Lumia

In one short decade, planning your vacation and holiday travels — as well as documenting and sharing them — has gotten so much easier.

On my first trip to Hawaii in 2005, I lugged along my bulky DSLR camera and even bulkier (and heavier) laptop computer. I spent too much time in our hotel room transferring photos to my computer to share with friends and family instead of enjoying the beauty of the islands.


On my next trip, I’ll bring just one device: my Lumia phone.

We’ve written extensively about how to plan and share your travels with your Lumia and Windows Phone apps. (See our stories here, here and here.) And we’ve highlighted some must-have travel apps, including HotelTonight and Bing Travel.

Now, here’s another resource: A video of social-media folks and influential bloggers on how they use their Lumias and several well-chosen Windows Phone apps to make the most of their travels. It was recorded at the recent Microsoft-sponsored Social Media Week conference in Los Angeles.

See the video here.

Note: To view the Livestream video, you need to register for Social Media Week, but it’s free.


The panel discussion featured social-media marketer Ted Nguyen, social-media consultant Ann Tran, and Sam Sabri, managing editor for Windows Phone Central. Jason Harris from Republic Publishing moderated the lively discussion.

(In the photo above, Ted is comparing old and new travel tools, holding his Lumia in one hand and a Polaroid camera in the other.)

Check out the video and report back: Do you find their tips helpful?

Do you have any Lumia-related travel tips you’d like to share?