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October 8, 2014

Never miss a moment with Sendtiment

There are occasions so important that we dare not forget them, like Mom’s birthday, a wedding anniversary, or a thank-you note to a prospective boss. The result of forgetting could be epic (and not in a good way). Sendtiment can solve this issue for you.


Sendtiment is a Windows Phone-exclusive app that lets you send hundreds of gorgeous digital greeting cards via email, text and social-media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

The latest version of the free app came out this week, and now these cards can be sent to physical mailboxes, too.

The Toronto, Canada-based team behind Sendtiment has added an online store where you can order printed greeting cards and other social stationery. The cards are printed on high-quality 100-lb white card stock and come with matching white envelopes. Some card sets are also available in limited quantities.

“The Sendtiment online store and the Windows Phone app effectively puts a social secretary in your hand wherever you are,” said Terence “Terry” Kwaramba, the developer of the app.

“The ability to create and send digital cards using our Windows Phone app is something we have always been proud of and with this new store, I believe we will energize an entirely new wave of the timeless art of personal greeting cards.”

Sendtiment includes a wide range of card collections, from announcements to thank-you cards as well as party invitations, notes of congratulations and more. After choosing a card, you can add personal notes and in many cases, your own photos to truly make each e-card unique.The app also includes detailed customization tips to show you how to make the most of the e-cards you plan to send.

Tanya, Terry’s partner, created all the card designs. She has 10 years of experience in the fashion and retail industries.


“She is a whiz with Illustrator and has so much fun creating the cards and we hope that people love them as much as we do,” said Terry.

Customized card printing coming soon

When using Sendtiment’s new online store, you can browse through a catalog of some of the best cards from the Sendtiment app. Art prints will also be available soon. If browsing via the app, you can also view printable cards, but for now, you must purchase print cards via the online store.

Even better, you can soon customize any of the more than 400 e-cards available, have them printed, and then mailed by post directly for you to your recipients, no matter where they live. Terry said that they aim to have this option available for the upcoming holidays, so you can be sure that special card for Mom will arrive on time.

Terry and Tanya are also planning to add an Etsy store to give people another way to find their work.

“Special occasions, holidays and moments that matter will always come around and we want to be there for Windows Phone users when that happens,” said Terry.

Let Cortana help you find the right card


Cortana, your virtual personal assistant available with Windows Phone 8.1, has now been integrated into Sendtiment. “Cortana was designed with a simple purpose in mind: To make the user’s life easier,” said Terry. “Sendtiment uses Cortana’s personal assistant features so that you will be able to enjoy even more conveniences.  “For example, just by saying to Cortana, ‘Sendtiment, I want to send a birthday card,’ you will then be taken straight to the Birthday Cards category in the app.” Other things you can say to Cortana tied to the Sendtiment app include:

  • Sendtiment, I want to say “Thank You”
  • Sendtiment, I want to send an “Invitation” card
  • Sendtiment, I want to send a card to say “Congratulations”

The feature works with all of the collections in the app.

“We want to give our users even more control over how they express themselves and connect with others,” said Terry. “Adding a voice-driven, personal assistant to the mix is just another way that we can make people’s lives easier.”

You can keep up with Sendtiment via their Twitter account or on Instagram.

The latest version of the Sendtiment app is free to download from the Windows Phone Store. Share your favorite e-card from their collections in the comments section below.