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October 10, 2014

Lumia 730: Spreading selfie love in India

Sorry Ellen, you don’t need a longer arm or a selfie stick to include more people or click better photos at Oscars or anywhere else for that matter.

All it takes is a powerful full-HD 5MP wide-angle front-facing camera with a focal length of 24 mm; perfect for impromptu group snaps, something that the new Lumia 730 offers aplenty.

But what does this mean?

Simply speaking, it means that the photo you capture with this front-facing camera will have more in it. More scenery, more detail, more you – more of everything. So, you can run, you can hide but you cant escape from the selfie bug as the brand new Lumia 730 is here to redefine how the world takes selfies.


You remember how Chris Weber, CVP for Device Sales, took this selfie live on stage during the Microsoft press conference in Berlin, last month?

Well, we tried to do something similar but instead captured 23 people in this single shot as the biggest group selfie. World Records anyone?

900 gp

Like you, we have been equally awed and wowed by the Skype-and-selfie-toting capabilities of this beauty and decided to take the Lumia 730 for a spin.

Here are the results for you to see and decide for yourself.

selfie India Gate

This bunch of happy kids tried various poses before they settled for this one with the majestic India Gate in the background, in New Delhi.

Once you have a great snapper in the form of a Lumia 730 there aren’t many things that can you keep you away from getting the most out of it. So, here is how one member of the Microsoft team captured some of his life’s precious moments “uncropped.”

900 3


900 5

Not fully satisfied with just group shots, this excited young man made the most of the pre-loaded Lumia Selfie app– helping you take unique selfies and proved once again why the 5 megapixel wide angled camera is simply the best.

900 by

There’s more…

900 2

Now before you start singing ‘Let me take a selfie’ and start humming the selfie song or get envious of our amazing experience and the crystal clear images, here is how you can get a chance to capture equally stunning selfies.

Let your imagination run wild. Send us your unique or a wacky selfie that defines you, and our good friends at Microsoft India will gift you a shiny new Lumia 730 for the most original photo.

Post your selfies in the comments below. The contest will run for a month. So keep reading and clicking.