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October 17, 2014

Microsoft Portable Charger winners announced

We had an amazing response to our accessory giveaway, receiving hundreds of your comments. So, did you win?

Choosing the lucky winners of the new Microsoft Portable Power was no easy task. However, after sleepless nights and fierce debate, here are our favourite five.

Microsoft Portable Power Winners

This wonderful video by Kaustubh Adhav was made using Microsoft PowerPoint and uploaded to YouTube. A worthy winner.

Sridhar also used PowerPoint, using swish transitions.

Fatfro‘s PowerPoint presentation is entitled “My day with the Lumia 930“, where we’re taken on a journey showing the different elements of his day.

Gaming, Angry Birds, Facebook, even accessing his homework from OneDrive. It’s all there.

There are a couple of reasons why we liked Königsstein‘s presentation.

Firstly, the pleading kitten at the end is waaaay too cute, but his real reason for wanting one is because he gave his old charger away to somebody suffering from nomophobia. Yes, it’s a real thing.

Why do I need a Microsoft Portable Power?“, asks stipe1906 in his presentation.

Being a self-confessed power user, stipe1906 uses his Lumia for email, editing documents, socialising on networks, playing games, and traveling – amongst other things.

Topping-up with power between all these things can keep him motoring for longer.

Bonus winner

While this entry isn’t a creative PowerPoint, it did stand out over many of the others.

Jleebiker is a member of the Larimer County Search and Rescue (LCSAR) team in Colorado, a non-profit organisation that relies on donations to continue their work helping people in trouble.

He describes how LCSAR is looking to move away from big clunky GPS units to smartphones, which will help them perform more tasks with one device while they’re out searching the mountains for people that need help.

Once they’ve rescued people, the stranded or injured often want to phone loved ones to tell them they’re safe, but are faced with a flat battery. The Microsoft Portable Charger would help them make those important phone calls.

That’s why we’re giving away an extra five to LCSAR, so they can continue doing great work.

We’ll be emailing all the winners shortly.

Thanks to everybody who participated, all of your entries were entertaining and insightful to read.

If you didn’t win, the Microsoft Portable Charger is priced at 39€ / $49 USD and will be available in white, bright green and bright orange – available from this month.

Which was your favourite entry?