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October 30, 2014

10 cleverest Lumia shots of the month: Color Pop special

Making a photo really shine needs a combination of great hardware, software and most of all, you.

Making a photo really shine needs a combination of great hardware, software and most of all, you. Here are our latest favorite Lumia shots of the month.

When we announced that Color Pop is back in the latest Lumia Creative Studio update, you couldn’t wait to show us what you were capable of.

Take this example by Peter Vadocz, as he isolates the yellow hues in the shot.


Thang Nguyen concentrates on a more coppery tone in this butterfly photo – captured on a Lumia 925.


Husain Ujjainwala uses the Color Pop feature to create two different worlds.

The world inside the train is black and white while the colourful world passes by outside.


Covered in paint, JD De Souza captures a colorful selfie using a Lumia 920.

It’s Halloween tomorrow and what would Halloween be without a pumpkin? Check out this large specimen taken by 4nto1ne.

Pumpkin season! A photo posted by Antoine Naaman (@4nto1ne) on

But what ghoulish creature is this?

With glowing red eyes and golden horns, it’s … oh. It’s a very clever Color Pop of a chili plant – by Alericci77.

#strange #chili #plant . #halloween is #cooming

A photo posted by Alessandro Ricci (@alericci77) on

Haseling gets in close to a cat with a Lumia 930 and captures it’s purrfect eyes. Then Color Pops it, of course.

Entitled “Be Free!” Nao Tang‘s photo also includes this caption: “how nice would it be to just sail off over the horizon?” That’s a fine thought, and a fine blue horizon.

A yellow muscle car doesn’t usually need the help of Color Pop to help it stand out. But just in case you might’ve missed it, BAM, here it is amongst a world of grey – by David York.

And finally, mirceastoean has used Color Pop to show off the colors of autumn while also using the Planetical app.


A photo posted by Stoean Mircea (@mirceastoean) on

There we have it, 10 glorious Color-Popped photos from 10 different people.

Which is your favorite? Share your thoughts and your own Color Pops with us below.