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December 2, 2014

Office 365: protecting your data in transit

We’ve already looked at Microsoft’s huge efforts to secure your data once stored in the cloud. But what about when your data is being sent to or from your device? Let’s look further “inside the cloud.”

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“We essentially protect your data in transit on two levels. First, using transport layer security […] which leverages SSL encryption, we protect your data between you and the Microsoft data center,” says Asaf Kashi, lead information protection engineer at Microsoft, before going on to talk about Data Loss Prevention.

Of course, once the data is in the cloud and you want to share it, the information can be encrypted so that only the recipient can open and view it. Templates are available in the Rights Management Tool, such as Do Not Forward, or Do Not Print, to name just a couple.

As the owner of any material or data, you can track your information as it travels around different systems using digital fingerprints.

To find out more about protecting your data in transit as well as Office 365 Message Encryption and S/MIME, press play on the video. Alternatively, head over to the Office Blog for more details.