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December 16, 2014

Lumia 635 launching across Sprint brands in the U.S.

Starting Dec. 23, the Lumia 635 will be the first Windows Phone available for Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA customers. In January, the smartphone will also be available to Sprint postpaid customers.

The Lumia 635–which comes loaded with Windows Phone 8.1, Cortana, SensorCore, and more–comes just in time for the holidays to folks who want a powerful smartphone at an affordable price on Sprint’s speedy 4G LTE network.


Whether it’s a present to yourself or a lucky person on your gift list, be sure to jump on this deal come Dec. 23: The Lumia 635 will be available online for $99.99 (excluding taxes) in cyan from Boost Mobile and in white from Virgin Mobile USA.

Starting on January 9, customers can also head to Boost Mobile’s retail stores and select independent wireless dealers to purchase the Lumia 635. Pricing for Sprint postpaid customers will be shared soon.

Bells and whistles for the budget-conscious consumer

If you’re wondering why you should choose the Lumia 635 over another smartphone, let’s take a closer look. This phone’s 4.5” LCD screen and quad-core Snapdragon processor offers a beautiful display to watch videos and play games with no hiccups.

The sturdy Lumia 635 also comes with tons of bells and whistles.

Installed with the latest Windows Phone 8.1 operating system, you’ll get Cortana to remind you of meetings, schedule appointments and do other tasks as befits a personal assistant, SensorCore technology to help you track fitness activity and get in better shape, a revamped notification system, and shortcuts to your favorite features, including Bluetooth, your music and your camera.

Of course, you’ll also have some of the best productivity apps out there, including Office 365, Skype, OneDrive and OneNote. And when you want to share images or videos taken with the phone’s 5-megapixel camera, there’s Instagram, Facebook and other popular social apps for Windows Phone.

Once you have the phone, if you’re budget-conscious like me, take advantage of one of the no-contract wireless plans on offer from Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA.

Want to learn even more about the Lumia 635? We covered the smartphone in-depth here, here and here.

For those of you who already have the Lumia 635, what tips can you share about the phone that can help others?





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