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June 20, 2014

Amazing Value 4G: Lumia 635 in stores now

The Lumia 635 brings lightning-fast LTE connectivity to more people..

Loaded with Windows Phone 8.1 to deliver the most personal smartphone experience, the Lumia 635 is packed with amazing features, at an incredible price.

The new Action Centre makes everything just a swipe away and handles all of your notifications, Start screen backgrounds inject photographic personalisation, and Cortana – your new digital personal assistant – is just one tap away to help you with everything from the weather, to your meetings.

Other new standout features that simply make life easier include Word Flow, Data Sense, Wi-Fi Sense, Storage Sense, individual volume controls, plus Microsoft’s Office Mobile and OneDrive provide a high-end productivity and cloud based experience for everyone.

All of these run effortlessly thanks to the powerful quad-core Snapdragon processor, making the Lumia 635 a speedy performer.

With a ClearBlack 4.5-inch LCD screen that’s super-tough (thanks, Corning ® Gorilla ® Glass 3), the Lumia 635 is also built to last. It also offers wide-viewing angles so you can sit back and enjoy Xbox games, Storyteller moments, and web browsing with Internet Explorer 11 no matter how you look at it.


It looks great, too.

Featuring a new dual-layered polycarbonate design, the vibrant base colour positively glows as it shines through the upper transparent layer.

It comes in bright orange, bright green, and bright yellow. Matte options are black and white. Additionally, changeable shells (Nokia CC-3079) are available to purchase if you feel like mixing it up.

Underneath that glitzy shell, the new low-powered SensorCore is working hard to monitor your movements in real-time without being a drain on the 1,830mAh battery.

This innovative technology is designed to help you understand how you move around the world, letting you know how many miles (or steps) you’ve walked, as well as how many calories you would have burned in the process, using apps like Bing Health & Fitness.

Nokia’s signature apps, such as HERE Drive+, HERE Maps, Nokia Camera, and MixRadio are all at hand to solidify your Windows Phone experience.

Let’s not forget WeChat, Instagram, and WhatsApp either. They’ll help keep you connected with the important people in your life.

The Lumia 635 has an RRP of $189 before taxes and subsidies and is available now throughout many parts of Europe and APAC, with further rollouts including USA in the coming months.