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December 16, 2014

Lumia and the traveling sisterhood: Travel Apps For 2015

Organizing a 2015 trip with friends or family members? These apps, featured at a recent “#LumiaApptasting” event in New Delhi, can help!

About 150 women travelers, part of the Women on Wanderlust (WOW) club were taken on an appy culinary journey where they learnt about some of the best apps available on the Windows Phone Store to help organize and augment their upcoming travels.

image app(Host Rajiv Makhni demonstrating an app at the event)

Hosting the event were one of India’s leading technology analysts, Rajiv Makhni, and award winning Michelin Starred chef Vikas Khanna.

Vikas was on hand to delight the participants with some delicious treats, which nicely segued into some ‘apptasting’ – a way to excite the taste buds of the uninitiated and for Rajiv to introduce apps, such as OneNote and Skype Qik, in small bite-size pieces.

image appp

Over chocolate, fine wine and amidst colorful Microsoft Lumia smartphones, they listened to Sumitra Senapaty, founder of Women on Wanderlust (WOW), share great experiences of travelling as a ‘women’s only’ group and how technology and smart apps are changing the way people travel.

“With smartphones, we are perpetually connected,” said Sumitra. “Thanks to Lumia for exposing an all-new world of applications that will make our future sojourns even more interesting.”

Of the many apps demonstrated and shared with these women from the WOW club during the event, here are some of the handy group-travel apps, which can benefit you on your next travel as a group.

kayakKayak (free)

Kayak helps you find the best flights and hotel prices in the most simple and organized way. It also shows you the top results according to price or flight duration, and you can easily decide your connecting flights without further research. You can also research and book car reservations with Kayak.

PackMan Organizer (free)

Now you will never forget to carry your health insurance thanks to PackMan Organizer. With over 250 pre-set items in 13 categories, you can also personalize the app by adding your items.

Photosynth (free)

What makes Photosynth unique is the ability to take 3D and 360-degree pictures. Once you’ve created a Photosynth, stitch images together and share them with your family and friends on social media.

Reach Me (free) reach me

Don’t worry if you get separated from your travel group. Reach Me lets you share your location with your travel companions and gives them turn-by-turn directions to find you.

You can also share your live location so your friends at home can see where you are in real time, and you can put a time limit to location-tracking so they don’t follow you for the entire trip.

T translator 200T Translator (free)

Never get lost in translation with the T Translator. It offers an accurate interpretation of words and phrases in more than 80 languages. There is a dictionary feature that defines the word you search and you can also get your sentences translated just by speaking them into the “Voice Recognition” tool.

Every translation is saved in the app’s history and you can bookmark any translated text.

HERE Maps (free) HERE-Maps-3.3-WP8-LiveSight

HERE Maps with LiveSight reveals what’s around you through your Lumia’s camera. Just wave your phone and discover new locations. The app’s other features pleasantly surprised Anjali Puri, a member of WOW.

“Is it really true that navigation feature on HERE Maps can work without any Internet connection?” she asked.

“Does it mean I don’t need to have a working data plan while I am traveling? This is unbelievable.”

DRUNK TESTStraw (free)

Should you wear stylish jeans or a more formal black dress for dinner? Use Straw to poll your friends via text or pictures. Don’t be surprised if you get instant responses delivered in real time! A poll with snap results in a super-visual and easy—amazing, isn’t it?

Tip Calculator (free)

Tip Calculator helps you figure out how to split the bill and the total amount spent on your eating expenses.

Drunk Test (free)

Had an evening of craft-beer tasting? Drunk Test will help indicate your alertness level in an entertaining way: Walk for 10 seconds holding your Lumia while keeping the ball in the center of the screen.

Keep in mind that this app is just for fun—it doesn’t accurately gauge whether or not you’ve had too much alcohol to drink.

Face Swapface swap (free)

Here’s something different: Capture euphoric moments with your travel buddies and swap your face with someone else’s. Take a photo of yourself and your friend and shake your phone. You’ll see that the faces are automatically swapped.

And should you wander alone, take loads of selfies with the Lumia Selfie app.

Lumia Storyteller (free)

Your trip is coming to an end. How about reliving these nice memories with Lumia Storyteller? It automatically groups your photos, videos and cinemagraphs into individual events called stories for you to enjoy.

And before you leave for your trip, don’t forget to pack a Treasure Tag and attach it to an essential belonging, such as your wallet. That way, you can always keep track of your stuff.

We wish you a happy journey in 2015! Let us know if you have used these or any other apps.