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December 22, 2014

#MakeItHappen moment: The speech of a lifetime

A groom’s speech is a daunting task: even more so if you’re doing it in a different country in a different language. That was Ed’s resolution for 2014 and Microsoft Lumia helped to #MakeItHappen.

During the month of December, Microsoft Lumia has been empowering people to tie-up those loose ends and tick off those 2014 resolutions.

By submitting his New Year’s resolution to the #MakeItHappen site, 28 year-old Ed, who lives in the UK, was selected to fulfil his dream to learn Spanish for his upcoming wedding to his soon-to-be wife, Mariana, who lives in Mexico.


Microsoft Lumia provided Ed with a Lumia 730, the Duolingo app, and a tutor for an intense course in Spanish to help make Ed’s dream a reality and to help him impress Mariana during his groom’s speech. But will he?

Watch Ed’s journey, so far.

What about you, have you met all your 2104 resolutions? If not, share your unfulfilled resolutions on the #MakeItHappen page, just as Lani did to make it home for the holidays.

The best reason to tell someone else about your resolutions is because you’re more likely to achieve them, according to a recent study.

So go on, tell us how Microsoft Lumia can #MakeItHappen for you?