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December 29, 2014

Lumia Lights: Our favorite interviews of 2014

Throughout 2014, we shared amazing interviews with people who work on Lumia and Lumia-related features and apps, as well as folks who use their Lumia in clever ways. Here are our top interviews from the past year.

These interviews represent our personal favorites. Of course, there’s no scientific formula behind how we came up with the list—these interviews resonated with us, and we know you enjoyed them, too.

After checking out our top interviews, take our poll at the end of this story and vote which interview was the absolute best!

One vision: Peter Griffith on Microsoft Lumia design. See what the Head of Phones Design for Microsoft (that’s Peter pictured above) has to say about his design philosophy, which he refers to as “Pure. Human. Advanced.”

On assignment with Stephen Alvarez in Africa. We followed acclaimed National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez to Africa, where he was shooting the breathtaking Victoria Falls with Lumia.


The real brains behind Cortana. We sat down with Marcus Ash, Microsoft’s Partner Group manager for Cortana, to get the low-down on the evolution and future of the virtual personal assistant for Windows Phone 8.1.

New tones for Lumia. Tapio Hakanen, Head of Phones Sound Design at Microsoft, and Aleksi Eeben, Principal Sound Designer and creative lead for this year’s update discuss the creation of new ringtones for Lumia.

Lumia 1020: under the photo microscope. The research of Dr. Mark Li-cheng Wu and Dr. John Paul Graff, which pairs the Lumia 1020’s PureView technology with state-of-the-art microscopes, suggests that histopathology (examination of body tissue to study disease) may benefit people in a way that was once not possible.

Conversations LIVE: with Juha Alakarhu & Eero Salmelin. This was unlike any of our other interviews this year! Using the “Ask Me Anything” format, our readers had the chance to ask the questions of our imaging experts this past summer.

Meet Phil Galloway, Most Valued Connector and most amazing Lumia artist. Phil has been pushing the boundaries of what you can do with a smartphone, creating mesmerizing works of art directly on the device.



Developing Stories: The Doctor & Clipr App Developer. Yes, we found a doctor based in Hyderabad, India who in his spare time is also a Windows Phone app developer. Venu Kumar created the very handy photo-editing app Clipr.

A Lumia photo diary: 1,000 days of images. Amateur photographer and Microsofter Whitney Cubbison documented Paris—from the iconic Eiffel Tower to the City of Light’s hidden nooks and crannies–with various Lumia phones, including the Lumia 1020.

An moody shot of Paris taken by Whitney Cubbison
A moody shot of Paris taken by Whitney Cubbison

Metal guru: how aluminum is key to the Lumia 930 design. Jonne Harju from Nokia Design talks about the past, present and future of Lumia design following the launch of the Lumia 930.


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