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January 2, 2015

Let Lumia help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions

Whether it’s losing weight, saving money, or learning a foreign language, your Lumia smartphone can help you reach your resolutions for 2015.

There’s nothing like the start of a brand-new year to motivate you to fulfill long-held goals. Here are some tools and apps to help you stay on track.

one note

First, we must mention OneNote. It’s the perfect tool to scribble your New Year’s goals into a note or a to-do list. Remember that you can also add audio and photos to OneNote (like “before” and “after” pictures of yourself after reaching your goal weight).

Goal: Manage time

App: Smart Goals (free)

601 by 335 smart goals

We all wish that there were more than 24 hours in a day to get everything done! Let Smart Goals, which prioritizes and monitors goals, help you be the most productive with the time you have.

The app has plenty of predefined goals for you to choose from; you can also add your own. Set goal priority levels and the app can auto-publish the details on your Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can receive feedback from friends. You can also pin your goals on your Lumia’s Start screen.

Don’t forget to use HERE Maps (free) for navigation to get to your personal or work engagements in the most time-effective way.

Goal: Travel more and spend more time with family and friends

App: Skype


Whether you’re hiking a nearby trail or taking a trip abroad, stay connected with your loved ones via Skype. Check out our recent story on several ways to do so via Skype.

Goal: Eat healthy, lose weight and stay fit

App: Livescape ($4.99)

601 by 335 livescape

Whether you “eat to live or live to eat,” let Livescape help you monitor your daily dietary intake and provide you with nutritional facts. You can get a step ahead and scan the labels of food items or manually enter the nutritional information yourself.  There is a 14-day trial period for you to fully test the app before you actually decide to buy the app.

App: Health and fitness (free)

601 by 335 health copy


Say hello to your personal health, nutrition and fitness manager, all rolled into one.

Browse through a wealth of tips, videos and updates to stay fit and healthy. If you have a SensorCore-enabled Lumia such as the Lumia 730 or the Lumia 830, track your daily steps and join the 10,000 steps a day goal.

Goal: Learn a new language

App: Duolingo (free)


The Duolingo app for Windows Phone 8.1 turns learning a foreign language into a game. Interacting with locals or your multilingual friends will never be a problem thanks to the bite-sized lessons and constant challenges on offer. Each lesson includes a mix of speaking, listening, translation and multiple-choice challenges.

The app also offers instant feedback to show what words you missed and how you can improve. Read our in-depth story about Duolingo here.

Goal: Get a job

App: JobLens (free)

601 by 335 joblens

Put an end to your job hunt with JobLens. Powered by HERE Maps, it uses augmented reality to show you nearby job openings. The app searches jobs from the databases of LinkedIn, Indeed, and other job-related sites. Sync your social accounts with the app and you can get customized options according to your skills.

JobLens also helps you create and store your résumé in your OneDrive account and can also give you directions to a job interview. The app covers UK and North America, with more regions to be added in the future. For readers outside these countries, let Linkedin help you stay on the job radar.

Goal: Save more, spend less

App: Mint (free)



The password-protected Mint app is a great app to help you manage your money.

Whether making a list of your next purchases or calculating how much you spent this holiday season, let Mint be your one-stop shop for handling your finances. It pulls in your personal finance accounts (U.S. and Canadian financial institutions only) into one place so you can manage your money on the go.

Make full use of Mint’s live updates for your financial accounts right on your Start screen. Create a budget, get bill alerts and bill reminders or simply track your spending and save more.

Goal: Drink more water

App: Water Log (free)



Water Log does what it says: remind you to drink eight glasses of water every day. Just input the number of glasses you have consumed and watch the app offer timely notification reminders of your H2O goal. Pin it to the Start screen and track your water intake consumption progress.

Here’s hoping you are able to stick to your resolutions this year. Share your success stories with us in the comments below.