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February 25, 2015

Get Free 100 GB of cloud storage with OneDrive

When it comes to giving you the space you need to grow, create and share, OneDrive has got you covered with this recent offer of 100 GB of free storage.

If you’re a member of the Bing Rewards program, which is only available for U.S. residents, you may have already taken advantage of the free 100 GB on OneDrive.

For those outside the U.S., there’s another way to get hold of all of this OneDrive storage, as OneDrive’s recent Facebook post shows:

Current Dropbox customers can claim their 100 GB of free OneDrive storage for one year after you activate. This leaves you plenty of time and space to securely store your photos, music, videos, and documents from your Lumia, and they’re accessible from wherever you are.

One hundred gigabytes may sound like a lot–and it is–but how many photos can you save to it?

Let’s work with the photo below from our recent Mercedes Benz story, taken using a Lumia 930. Before we cropped the image to make it mobile-friendly, the original file size was 1.5 MB, but sometimes photos can be bigger or smaller.


If we average the photos out to 2 MB, 100 GB will store 50,000 photos!

So go on, upgrade your OneDrive account today.

Are you using OneDrive on your Lumia? How much space are you using?

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