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March 23, 2015

#LumiaLove series on Vine: Did Sparks Fly?

Boy meets Girl. After a heartfelt conversation and romantic dinner, what happened next? Tune in here for the full seven-episode series on Vine.

Our friends on Vine, @Lumia US, recently produced a fantastic interactive series over seven episodes that told the story of Daniel and Cheryl (we introduced the first two episodes in this post).

After each episode, viewers were asked to weigh in on which Lumia feature or Windows Phone app Daniel should choose.

The Vine series features actor Daniel Bostic and fashion blogger Cheryl van den Berg, both of whom use Lumia smartphones in real life.

Did the story end happily ever after or are they still searching for #LumiaLove?

Episode 1

After a bad break-up, Daniel was ready to move on. Which Windows Phone app should he choose, Timber or

Episode 2

After going with Timber, he caught sight of Cheryl’s profile. It’s a match! Which emoji should he use in his text message?

Episode 3

Texting toothy smiley faces and a date invite worked! He also made an appointment on his Lumia Calendar to make sure he was on time.

Now, should he greet her with a hug or a handshake?

Episode 4

At an awkward pause on the date, Daniel decides to talk about art. Which piece of art should he chat about with Cheryl? Cortana helps him decide.

Episode 5

Thanks to a Bing search, Michaelangelo’s “David” won out over Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus.” So what’s next: videogames or dancing?

Episode 6

Dancing was the winner and Xbox Music helped Cheryl and Daniel dance the night away. Is it time for Daniel to make his move?

Episode 7

Instagram helps make it official: The two are officially lovebirds.

Did you enjoy this series? We’re open to suggestions—what other Lumia storylines would you love to see on Vine?