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March 31, 2015

How to share images, music, and videos on your Lumia with the Files app

If you want to share your music, images, documents and other stuff on your Lumia in one go with others, just use the Files app.

Files app, the official file manager for Windows Phone, lets you manage, copy, move and even rename your documents and media content stored on your Lumia, in just a few steps. It also lets you manage your SD card storage.

files main copy

Did you know that you can also share one or many files and folders on your Lumia or SD card in one go over Bluetooth, email or NFC?

Well, you can!

Before we start, download the Files app from here.

files email
  • On your Lumia, tap App list, and select Files.
  • Choose “phone” or “SD card” depending on the folder(s) you wish to share and tap the “select” icon (with three ticks) to mark your choices.
  • After selecting the folder(s) containing music, video or images, tap the “share” option.
  • Choose either Bluetooth or NFC and start the sharing process.

You can also email the content or upload the selected files or folders to your OneDrive account. If you prefer e-mail, you will see all your files attached in a new e-mail with a default subject shared files.

A word of caution: Sharing multiple folders containing large amounts of data can take some time to attach in an email or upload to OneDrive.

Do you use Files? Let us know if you use similar apps.