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April 2, 2015

Vote for the top #TileArt Artist of the Month

We’ve all been enjoying your TileArt creativity during the past month, but now it’s time for you to pick the best of the bunch.

TileArt takes the Lumia’s easy customization to the next level, and many of you have shown not only us but the rest of the world just how incredible your start screen artwork can be by sharing your masterpieces on the Web. February’s top 10 were an impressive bunch, with Rizki Faisal earning first place with his Spider Gwen TileArt. What have you been creating in March? Let’s take a look at our top 10 choices for TileArtworks of the month.

1. X-Men by @AdonalArrington

@AdonalArrington TileArt

2. Ace of Spades by @freddie_am

@freddie_am TileArt

3. Halo 5 by @JCrookedSmile

@JCrookedSmile  TileArt

4. Ergo Proxy by @Miguel24Micky

@Miguel24Micky TileArt

5. Futurama by @CabrijanaRafael

@CabrijanaRafael TileArt

6. Warrior HS by @shivakaluse

@shivakaluse TileArt

7. Donkey Kong Country by @Vitor_Valeri + @marcondos

8. Mystery Case Files by @MartiBWBear

@MartiBWBear TileArt

9. Khaleesi by @GiaPflu

@GiaPflu TileArt

10. Cats by @manueelas

@manueelas TileArt

What do you think of these ten super cool and creative TileArtworks? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to cast a vote for the artist that you think deserves the number 1 spot. And remember, if you want to be considered for next month, be sure to share your top TileArt on Twitter with the hashtag #TileArt.