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May 4, 2015

How to sync your settings across Lumia devices

Are you a proud owner of a new Lumia smartphone? Here’s how to sync the settings on your new mobile to enjoy a seamless Windows Phone experience.

Getting a new smartphone such as the new Lumia 640 or the Lumia 640 XL can be exciting, but it can also be worrisome to duplicate your settings, app purchases and passwords from your old Lumia.

However, Microsoft makes the switch easy for you. 

Thanks to the “sync my settings” feature, you don’t have to re-enter Wi-Fi passwords, re-purchase in-app content or re-bookmark your favorite websites anymore. The feature also lets you save your game progress, high scores, and Internet preferences or surfing history and copies all of that over to your new Lumia.

Here’s how you can sync content across Lumia devices:

  • Tap Start, select Settings and choose sync my settings.
  • Depending on what you want to sync from your previous Lumia, choose from
    , App settings, Internet Explorer and Passwords. Select all for full synchronization.
  • Press the Back button once you’re done.

That’s it! Now your new Lumia has the same theme, Wi-Fi passwords and other content as your previous Lumia.

Please note that synchronizing your settings between two Lumia devices is different from backing up your phone’s settings. To back up your data from your old Lumia and recycle it, check out our recent story here.