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May 6, 2015

Sergio Pappalettera: What’s on my Start screen

Sergio Pappalettera is no stranger to what’s aesthetically pleasing. He’s an artist who recently helped digitize the human form using Lumia, Surface and Kinect.

During Sergio and Microsoft’s matter manipulation in Milan last month, we discovered that Sergio is the proud owner of a Lumia 1520.


“There are two things I really love about my Lumia 1520. One, it’s yellow; it’s great to be distinct. And secondly, I really enjoy the big screen,” he said.

“I create a lot of videos, so for me, the large screen is perfect. Plus, I find it easier to work with any docs I may need.”

As an artist, Sergio’s got a keen eye for colors and shapes, and how things are put together.


“I really like the Windows Phone design. The color of the tiles and the overall personalization of the Start screen is really unique,” he said.

“This is important because I want to adapt the Start screen to my needs, but at the same time I want to feel this is really personal, reflecting my mood.

“It’s my belief that smartphones need to be like this–to help you in every single thing you do while still being very personal.”

Sergio has organized the Start screen on his Lumia 1520 based on the usage of the features and apps.

“It’s like my desk. Everything I use the most is within reach and immediately available.”


For work, Sergio has broken free from the conventional 9-to-5-office environment.

“I spend most of my working life on the road, and equally, my personal life is just as mobile.

“I’m often without my laptop, but I can always work and connect with my Lumia 1520.”

While he’s always on the move, don’t think for one second that Sergio’s life is a solitary one. He’s loaded his Lumia 1520 with apps to stay in touch with friends and family.

“I’ve connected all my social networks so I can stay connected with all of my friends around the world.

“I talk to my son every day via Skype–I never miss a moment. If I need some music, I like to use Spotify.”

“To visually document my travels, I like to use Lumia Camera to take photos and videos.

“In fact, my most recent purchase from the Windows Phone store was Movie Maker 8.1. It’s great for editing videos on-the-go.”

The Windows Phone platform offers virtually limitless personalization options, with each Windows Phone slightly different to meet the needs of the person using it.

What does yours look like?