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May 7, 2015

60-second productivity hack: Use Cortana to set location-based reminders

Remember when you were supposed to pick up something from the store … but forgot? Cortana’s location-based reminders are here to help!

It’s hard to remember everything you need to.

So in this final installment of our 60-second productivity hack series, here’s how to use Cortana*, your personal digital assistant on Lumia or other Windows Phone, to remind you of important tasks to complete when you arrive at specific locations.

For example, in the video below, watch how easy it is to set a reminder on your phone to pick up a lovely bouquet when you’re near a florist.

Just a couple of taps, a few spoken words from you, and Cortana does the rest!

Other location-based examples you can try:

“Remind me to ask Jenny about my vacation next time I’m at the office.”

“Next time I’m at the store, remind me to buy milk and bread.”

“Remind me to water the plants when I get home.”

“Remind me to pick up the dry cleaning when I leave work.”

Are you using Cortana for your location-based reminders?

Share them with us, below.

* Cortana is available in select markets. For more info, go here and scroll down to “Cortana” for a list of countries where Cortana is available.