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May 8, 2015

Become a Lumia pro with a personalized hands-on demo

While Lumia smartphones are already easy to use and understand, getting a hands-on demo with a Lumia expert can only make you more productive and confident with the tech in your hand.

Whether you’re mystified by Maps, stumped by Skype, or confused by Cortana, the Lumia Pro Demo will turn you from a novice into an expert in a matter of minutes–60 to be precise.

In the hour-long session, you’ll meet with a Lumia expert who will talk you through everything you want or need to know.

Please note that the Lumia Pro Demo program is organized by Microsoft UK, and as such, only people in the UK can participate. Training sessions will be held in one of the selected branches of Carphone Warehouse.

To receive your free personalized training demo, to fill out an entry form* with your contact details and your preferred appointment time (morning or afternoon on a weekday or weekend).

And if you’re not in the UK, don’t worry: Check out some of these demos to help you get the most out of your Lumia.

Work on the go

Search for anything

Make and handle calls easily

In the UK, your demo might be similar depending on what you’re wanting to learn–but it will more personalized to your needs and requirements.

Have you applied for a Lumia Pro Demo?

* Terms and Conditions