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May 15, 2015

Get more out of your Windows Phone 8.1 calendar for Lumia

Built into the Windows Phone operating system, the Calendar app tracks and schedules events and meetings easily. Here’s how to juggle multiple tasks and get more out of Calendar.


Whether you’re a photographer, teacher, student or executive, Calendar can be one of the most useful features on your Lumia.

Your Lumia or other smartphone running Windows Phone 8.1 puts all your calendars (such as “work,” “class” and “personal”) in one place and syncs them automatically, giving you an up-to-date view of your daily schedule.

Viewing multiple calendars

To view the calendar for work, a Microsoft Exchange account, or for any other e-mail account, open settings and tap email + accounts.

Next, choose your e-mail account from the service list (such as Exchange, Google) and under content to sync” select the calendar box. Now, all your meeting invites and notifications will show up in your daily, weekly and monthly calendar view.

You can also view multiple sub-calendars within your different e-mail accounts. To show or hide sub-calendars, go to Calendar and tap the more (…) icon. Next, tap settings and turn each calendar on or off.

Quick tip: Choose different colors for your sub-calendars to easily distinguish between important meetings, birthdays, office holidays or your personal tasks.

You can also use Cortana (available in select markets) to add events to your calendar. Read our recent story on how to get the most out of Cortana here

Syncing Facebook events

After logging into Facebook, open Calendar and tap the more (…) icon. Next,
tap settings to choose which types of Facebook events–such as birthdays and event invites–you want to see in Calendar.

Quick tip: If you get a lot of Facebook invitations, reduce clutter by filtering out events that you haven’t responded to. Under Calendar settings, select “attending” for Facebook events you’ve responded to.

Check here for instructions on how to add various e-mail accounts (Exchange, Outlook, Google, Linkedin or others) on your Lumia.