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May 21, 2015

Doodle with your Lumia

Do you often draw abstract designs when you’re waiting? Relax and sketch away with these fun doodle-based apps and games for Windows Phone.

If you thought doodling is not a serious art form, think again. What better way to express yourself on your Lumia than to share exactly what’s going on in your head?

Doodle Buddy (free)

Doodle Buddy

Unleash the artist in you and draw fancy sketches without getting your hands dirty!

doodle love

Choose from tools such as apaintbrush, glitter ink, text, stencils or smudging and create a masterpiece with up to 44,000 colors. You can also add stamps, stencils or click a new photo to start doodling.

Don’t like your last stroke? Use the eraser or shake your phone to undo. Save your creations and share them via e-mail and social networks.

Also, try InNote, which lets you make annotations, among other things. If you like to sketch on your Microsoft Surface or your PC, download the OneNote app and draw with your fingers. In addition, learn how to doodle on Skype here.

Doodle Love (free)

Help Mr. G save his lover, Miss. Honey, by collecting roses in under a minute. Tilt your screen left or right to move him forward and tap the screen to make him jump. There are 48 levels to unlock and the difficulty increases with each passing level.

AE Doodle Dash (free)

doodle dash

This is an addictive game where you save yourself by running and jumping. Touch the screen anywhere to jump and collect hearts to increase your life.

Learn to jump at the right moment and save yourself from falling into the pits and starting afresh. Watch out for the burning pits that can reduce your power.

Doodle Run (free)

doodle run

Master your coordination skills and reflexes in a fun way: This game will have you tapping your Lumia all day!

Help the doodle-man jump and roll through obstacles in the fast-paced Doodle Run. Try to avoid spikes and squares that come your way as you run forward. Tap on the left side of the screen to make him roll and on the right side to make him jump.

Do you doodle on your Lumia? Share your creations with us in the comments below.