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May 25, 2015

Near or far-sighted? Let Lumia be your eyes

If you find yourself squinting when trying to read close-up or focus on objects far away, use these apps and your Lumia to help you see clearly.

Do you need to wear glasses or contacts? You’re far from alone. About 285 million people around the globe are visually impaired, according to the World Health Organization.

But don’t worry: Thanks to your Lumia and these great apps for Windows Phone, here’s how to make sure everything is in focus.

eyesTest Your Eyes (free)

Here’s a free eye chart to test your sight. Try basic tests like reading the alphabet from a distance or a color vision test.

Of course, visit your eye doctor for a full and accurate medical diagnosis.

Tip: Don’t stare too long at the funny optical illusions; it can fry your brains!

Microsoft Pocket Magnifier (free)


If you prefer traditional books to eBooks, turn your Lumia into your reading glasses with Microsoft Pocket Magnifier. Pinch, zoom and tap to focus.

Also, read in low-light conditions with the flashlight option. The filters include auto-enhance, white on black, yellow on black, and grayscale.

Tip: Freeze the text in the viewfinder for better viewing and save the image to read later.

Perfect Clock (free) text

With more than 30 options, Perfect Clock tells you the time via an analogue clock, bigger digits or flipping numbers. The app also offers sound effects for every clock. Pin the app on your Start Screen and get minute-by-minute updates via its Live tile.

TransparenTXT ($1.29)

If you tend to talk and text—even when walking down a busy street–try this app to help ensure you don’t bump into anything.  TransparenTXT uses your Lumia’s camera to show the view ahead in the messaging window. Compose your SMS in the bottom half of the screen by using the app’s keyboard. Then press the send button and your text is sent via the normal SMS editor.  Tip: Don’t text while driving. Park your car, type and enjoy the view.

Brailléduquer (free)


This Braille tutor teaches 26 Braille alphabets, numbers, and punctuation. Here’s how it works: Your Lumia vibrates as you touch the app’s onscreen symbols—a digital version of raised dots on paper. Go through the introductory tutorial to understand the basics of braille matrix.  Tip: Practice and track your progress with the different Braille modules and learn from your mistakes.

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Have you used any of these apps before?  What apps do you use to see clearly? Share them with us in the comments below.