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May 29, 2015

10 cleverest Lumia shots of May

We’ve picked out a selection of Lumia-captured images that have been shared this month on the Web. Take a look and enjoy.

Lumia smartphones are fantastic camera phones, with plenty of imaging smarts that help you capture the world.

Plants and flowers, for example—beautiful and mostly motionless– always make for reliable subject matter in photography.

Take this spiky-looking specimen by Marek. Both the Lumia Refocus and #colorpop additions add interest to an already attractive plant.

Tip: Tap within the photo to see different focus points.

Another pointy plant now, but this time with a butterfly resting on top of it – captured by Manuel Vera using Lumia Refocus.

What happens if you burn steel wool, spin it around, and take a long exposure (two seconds) photo with a Lumia 1020?


Don’t try this at home. Thanks to Kain Vengeance for sharing.

What’s more useful than two hands? Why, 16, of course. Shared by Danielguisard.

Hoje acordei meio indiano #india #vishnu #santoantoniodopinhal #lumia #lumiacamera

A photo posted by Daniel Guisard (@danielguisard) on

Umgul uses the SuperPhoto Free app to turn his photos into works of art.

Eyes are the windows to the soul, or so they say.

That aside, they’re also incredibly beautiful objects to photograph due to the uniquely different complex shapes and patterns in each and every one.

Thanks for sharing, Wibralo.

#eye #sky #reflection #blue #clouds #macro #lumiamacro #lumiacolorpop #lumia1520 #lumia #shotonmylumia

A photo posted by William Longmire (@wibralo) on

Moored at a dock in Japan, this boat floats steady and un-drifting thanks to the rope that’s tied to the shore.

Want to focus on the rope or the boat? You choose. Thanks Jack Lo, for sharing.

Jakebabbel timed this shot perfectly to capture a streak of lightening.

Caught some awesome shots of the thunder storm tonight #windowsphone #momentcapture #Lumia #lightning

A photo posted by Jacob Babbel (@jakebabbel) on

One of our own readers, Constantin Dumitrascu, shared a Refocus image with us during last month’s 10 Clever Lumia Shots.

What’s not to love about the fluffy white globes of the dandelion?

Showing movement in a photograph is difficult, as a still image by very nature is, well, still.

However, slowing the shutter speed down on your Lumia will create a long exposure shot, resulting in the image below.

Thanks, Maharshigraphy, for sharing.

Which photo is your favorite? Have you got any of your own to share? Please do, below.