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June 1, 2015

Virtual event: Office 365 and mobile productivity

Help your company get the flexible mobile office tools and services it needs so employees can use their Lumia and other devices wherever and whenever they want to.

I can’t tell you how many times a week I fire up my Lumia to check a project spreadsheet or Word document or send emails to colleagues or clients.

I don’t have to be tethered to my desk, and that freedom has allowed me to get work done in coffee shops, in airports while waiting to board flights, and once, on a three-hour bus ride up the California coast.


If you work in your company’s IT department or help make decisions on how to streamline productivity, you may want to attend a free, live webcast on June 3 hosted by Microsoft, “Office 365: Fuel Mobile Productivity.” The event is part of Microsoft’s “Reimagining Productivity” digital-event series.

As you know, Office 365 keeps people connected to each other as well as to data and documents across devices (read our recent Office 365 stories here and here). In this virtual event, you’ll learn more about how you can provide flexible, intuitive tech tools to help your mobile workforce with Office 365.

Led by a technology architect at the Microsoft Technology Center in Georgia, you’ll also learn about securing your company’s assets with Office 365 and Microsoft Azure Rights Management, among other information.

So whether your colleagues use tablets, Lumia smartphones, or other mobile devices to help get work done, Office 365 and Microsoft Azure can “help take location out of the equation” for a more flexible work environment.

To register for the webcast, go here. You can also watch webcasts that have already aired and sign up to get updated on future Microsoft Technology Center digital events.

Where have you done work outside the office with the help of your Lumia?

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