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July 2, 2015

Podcast Spotlight: Five of the best tech podcasts available on Windows Phone

Use technology to learn about technology! Keep up with the latest tech news and views on your Lumia with these regular audio podcasts.

The world of technology is constantly changing. Learning about it all takes dedication—or at the very least a pair of earbuds and your Lumia.

In previous installments of Podcast Spotlight, we named our picks for the best comedy podcasts and best news podcasts available for Windows Phone. This month we’re turning the dial to tech in all its forms, including mobile phones.

Let’s get started!


The Next at Microsoft Podcast

Discover what’s cooking at Microsoft with this insider podcast series hosted by Microsoft researchers and featuring special guests (such as Star Trek’s George Takei in the first episode).

The recently released fifth episode focuses on the world of wearable devices, including the Microsoft Band.


All About Windows Phone Insight Podcast

Get an independent view of the Windows Phone ecosystem from the team at All About Windows Phone and its Insight Podcast. Weekly discussions center on the latest news, app updates, hardware, and product launches.


NPR TED Radio Hour

In this hour-long broadcast featuring TED speakers, the mysterious future of technology and its implications are addressed. Do we need humans anymore? How does our sense of time change how we perceive the world? Can we slow down aging? The answers could be as close as a tap of your podcast tile.


The Vergecast

Hosted by Nilay Patel, editor-in-chief of tech and science blog The Verge, the weekly Vergecast podcast takes an irreverent and informative look at what’s happening in the world of tech and gadgets.


Tech News Weekly

Available as both an audio and video podcast, Tech News Weekly is a bi-weekly discussion show that—you guessed it–covers the latest in technology news. Hosted by Andrew Zarian and John Bubb, plus a rotating panel of guests.

How to listen

The build-in Podcast app on your Windows Phone allows you to search and subscribe to the podcasts on this list. Just swipe to the “Get Podcasts” page to add one to your library.

My personal favorite free podcast app is ChannelWize. It seamlessly finds and updates podcasts, and allows you to create playlists based on your listening preferences.

Which technology podcasts do you follow?