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July 7, 2015

The Microsoft Portable Dual charger winners revealed

If you’re looking for extra power, you’ll need one of the recently announced Microsoft Portable Dual chargers. And to get one before anybody else, we offered to give away three of them. Did you win?

Featuring two USB ports, these new chargers can charge a pair of devices, such as a Lumia 640 and Surface 3 at the same time, helping you stay connected for longer.

The Portable Dual chargers come in three different capacities: 5200mAh, 9000Ah, and 12000mAh. It’s the 5200mAh model that the three lucky Conversations readers below have won.

Winner #1: Lukas

Lukas used the power of Minecraft to build the Microsoft Portable Dual Charger inside the game world. Is it charging a Lumia 830?


Winner #2: Davoud

Using paper, some scissors, and a lot of creativity, Davoud made this .GIF to show how the Microsoft Portable Dual charger can keep him listening to his favorite tunes.


Winner #3: Patrick

We’ll let Patrick’s story speak for itself here:

“There was a huge storm outside, and little Nancy was looking at the people running in the rain. Most of them came home from work and were dressed very formally – Nancy always imagined how it would be to be in one of those business suits and talk with lots and lots of people about everything that was going on around her. But there was one person in that flow of people that was… different. He was wearing a colorful rainbow jacket, like a colorful spot, a little light in the whole greyness and darkness around him. He was standing still, smiling at something in his hand. Nancy figured it would be a phone, disappointed because she imagined this person as something special, not usual as everybody else. She looked at him again, but still saw him smiling. He must be texting someone, she thought, someone he loves. That man then held up his phone above all the crowd and smiled into the camera.

There he was, standing still, holding a bright orange phone in his hand–Nancy would always remember that moment, she LOVED orange–and smiling into his phone. She turned away too look at her dad writing something in his ‘Surface’–he called it Surface, although mom would always say it’s a tablet, but dad always said it can do so many things you simply cannot classify it as a tablet – and as she turned her little head towards the street again, there was no colorful spot anymore, just this gray, big mass.

The man had continued walking and was still talking alone, as it seems. But he wasn’t alone at all; he had started a Skype call with a few of his friends and was wearing his black set of Microsoft Comfort Headsets–he loved them!–and talking into the mic. They were playing around with a PowerPoint, which synced all of their changes immediately thanks to the new version. But just as the man was going to say he was now going to catch the train to join them in an hour or so, his phone died. He looked at it and was so frustrated. He had missed the best part of the conversation! He got on the train and saw people looking around, bored, waiting to get home and turn the TV on and watch some typical show.

But not him, after all he wanted to play ‘Forza Horizon’ with his friends on the all- new Xbox One he had got on his birthday from his wife! But in those two hours of train ride he would just be boring himself. He looked for anything entertaining in his backpack, and suddenly felt a rectangular, solid device. He flashed a smile; He had forgotten he had bought a Microsoft Portable Dual Charger that same day! It was a 9000mAh one, he figured it would be the perfect balance between the trio of 5200mAh, 9000mAh, and 12000mAh, though they all were small enough to be slipped in his bag. He could now be able to play ‘Minecraft: Pocket Edition’ while listening to his favorite MixRadio playlist–the top R&B of course! His smile got even bigger when he saw all the four LED’s lighten up, signalizing they were ready for a lots and lots of fun for the whole night! And he had just spent 45$, basically nothing regarding the plus of battery power he got. ‘Train ride, here I go!,’ he thought, while tapping amused on the screen, killing a skeleton and listening to Rihanna’s new album.”

Thanks to everyone for your submissions. Winners, we’ll email you today to collect your details.

Which was your favorite entry? Let us know, below.