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July 10, 2015

Developing Stories: Mango Technologies’ Ram Gandhe

Meet Ram Gandhe the brains behind popular Windows Phone apps such as Yoga Trainer, Workout Scheduler, and Palm Reader by Mango Technologies.

The Windows Phone App Store has a wide range of health and fitness-related apps to help you stay fit in both body and mind. They include unique apps such as Yoga Trainer (free) and Workout Scheduler (free).

What inspired the creation of these apps? Let’s ask Ram, the director of Mango Technologies.

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(Lekh Joshi, Ram Gandhe and Sunil Maheshwari, co-founders of Mango Technologies)

Q: Why did you make Workout Scheduler and Yoga Trainer?

A: As part of our organizational culture, we like to invest time in the health and wellness of our employees, and dedicate some time for yoga and meditation every day. The idea for these apps originated from our core belief system and organization culture.

Q: Why did you name your company Mango Technologies?

A: I think the word ‘mango’ represents Indianness–be it the taste, flavor, or the different varieties of the fruit. We thought there can’t be anything other than a mango that could communicate that Indianness and our apps so aptly.

Q: What other WP apps have you developed and what is your most popular app?

A: There are close to 30-40 apps that we have published on the Windows Phone store. These range from kids’ education to news syndication and others. Our most downloaded apps are Palm Reader (free) and Destination Manager (free).

Q: What’s next for Mango Technologies?

A: Currently, we are doing game development and any new product from us would come in that category. Watch this space for more.

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Q: Why did you start developing apps?

A: App development is a creative process and working on the mobile platform has its own advantages such as quick turn-around time and great market reach. All of this motivated me to think about unique apps and guide my team in that direction.

Q: What do you think of Windows Phone as a platform for developing apps?   

A:  The availability of tools and the market reach that Windows Phone offers is great. In years to come, we see a big jump in market adoption.

Q: Which Windows Phone app do you think stands out?

A: I like utility apps more and prefer having them on the phone. The Here Maps (free), HDFC Bank (Indian bank), and Star Sports (Indian sports channel) apps are my personal favorites because of their user interface.

Q: What’s the most fun part of app development?

A:  Staying committed to the creative process and seeing your hard work receive feedback makes the entire journey a fun ride.

Q: What are the challenges of app development?

The most important part of app development is to remain focused on delivering your app as an experience and a utility. Keep distractions at bay.

Q: Do you have any advice for fellow developers?  

A:  I urge developers to be open and explore innovation-based partnership models with other developers. This way, you can work on bigger ideas and help the ecosystem to mature in more than one way.

Thanks a lot for talking to us, Ram.