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May 11, 2015

Stay healthy and active with Lumia

From workout wannabes to fitness fanatics, Microsoft’s got everything you need with a variety of fitness-related products.

Let’s start with the smartphone.

A number of our Lumia smartphones come with SensorCore technology built in. This technology uses the phone’s GPS, compass, and accelerometer sensors to help track your activities–privately and securely–of course.


With data from these sensors, your Lumia can determine if you’re running or walking, how many steps you’ve taken, the route you took on your exercise, and also your altitude.

In turn, this data can be used by apps to inform you if you need to work harder, slow down, or change your exercise regime in other ways, depending on your fitness goals.

Devices with SensorCore include the Lumia 930, Lumia 830, Lumia 640 XL, Lumia 640, and others.


Data alone doesn’t mean much at all; apps are needed to make sense of it all and display it in a meaningful way.

Health & Fitness (free)


The Health & Fitness app can record the number of steps you take and shows you how many you need to go to reach your daily goal–the recommended minimum daily number of steps is 10,000.

Your calorie burn will also be calculated and analytical data from the past 30 days will help you track your progress. Health & Fitness also includes different workout guides as well as food ideas to stay healthy.

Don’t forget to pin the Steps function to your Start screen for easy viewing.

FitBit – Free


While FitBit also makes wearable devices such as the FitBit Flex or Zip, you can just use the MobileTrack function to use your phone’s SensorCore technology.

By using your age, height and weight measurements, FitBit can calculate the amount of calories you’ve burned during your walk, run or hike.

Microsoft Health – Free


With the Motion Settings enabled within Microsoft Health, your phone can track where you’re going, how fast you’re getting there, and present you with some detailed daily or weekly breakdowns.

If you’re looking to up your game, add a fitness-tracking device such as the Microsoft Band (currently available in the U.S. and UK). Speaking of the Band, keep reading!


Microsoft Band (£169.99 / $199.99)


The Microsoft Band can be used independently or paired with your Lumia smartphone.

On-board the Microsoft Band is a multitude of advanced sensors such as an optical heart rate monitor, GPS, UV, and galvanic skin response (GSR) sensors to track your workouts with as much detail as possible.

Microsoft Band also includes a microphone, which, when paired with your Lumia, can be used to speak to Cortana. You can also receive SMS, email and other notifications right on your Microsoft Band. That feature is ideal when you can’t reach your phone, such as when you’re cycling.

To make the most of your Microsoft Band, download the Microsoft Health app.

The Microsoft Band isn’t the only piece of hardware that you can use on your Lumia. Others include:

As you can see, whatever your needs or abilities, there’s something for everyone.