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July 17, 2015

Skype: keeping you connected on your vacation

Going away this summer? Call friends and family home easier and cheaper by using Skype on your Lumia.

Free calling and messaging


With Skype installed on your Lumia, you’ll be able to voice-call, video-call, and send instant messages to other Skype members no matter what devices they use.

That means that you can be at the breakfast bar in your hotel while you phone your dad with your Lumia 830.  And he can answer your call on his Surface 3, Lumia 640, Xbox One, PC, or other Skype-supported device.

Reduced-rate calling


For your friends or family who aren’t using Skype yet, you can still reach out to them on their mobile phones or landlines.

Use Skype Credits to initiate a call on your Lumia for a fraction of the cost it might otherwise cost via a traditional landline, for instance.

There are pay-as-you go options for those who call infrequently, or subscriptions services for those that do–starting at $5.99 a month.

Send video postcards (messages)

Select who you want to contact in the Skype app use the plus icon to share photos, drawings, your location (I’m not sure if lounging by the swimming pool counts), or video messages.

Video messages can be up-to three minutes long–plenty of time to show off your tan and say, “Wish you were here!”

Is Skype helping you this summer? Share your stories with us below.

For more tips on using Skype when you’re away, head over to the Skype blog.