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July 20, 2015

Updated: Hyperlapse for Windows Phone app

The Lumia 1020 and other Lumia phones that shipped with Windows Phone 8 can now use the mobile Hyperlapse app to create amazing videos.

When Microsoft in May launched Microsoft Hyperlapse—a new technology that creates smooth and stable time-lapsed first-person videos—folks with Lumia phones with Windows Phone 8.1 were able to download the Hyperlapse for Windows Phone app. People who use the Lumia Icon were able to install the mobile app as of May 29.

Now, those with phones with Windows Phone 8.1 that originally shipped with Windows Phone 8.0, such as the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 920, can now install the app, too.

The mobile Windows Phone app has just been updated so those Lumia owners can now have full creative rein to record and save their first-person videos in multiple speeds and share them with their friends and family.*

In addition, the updated Hyperlapse for Windows Phone app includes increases in video-recording limits as well as algorithm improvements to make the app even easier to use. That means you can show more of your favorite mountain hike, for example, or bicycle ride on the beachfront.

Read more about Microsoft Hyperlapse for Windows Phone here and here. Besides the mobile version, Microsoft Hyperlapse is available in a Pro version for desktop and for Microsoft’s Azure Media Services.

For the nitty gritty on the technology behind Microsoft’s hyperlapse technology, which is built on more than 20 years of research in computational photography, read Microsoft Research’s 2015 research paper.

July #LumiaChallenge: Want a free Microsoft Lumia 640?

If you haven’t already, download the Hyperlapse for Windows Phone app on your Lumia. Then record an inventive and intriguing video using the app on your Lumia and share it on social platforms such as Vine and YouTube.

If you do, you could win a Lumia 640 for your efforts! More details on this July contest are here. Need a bit of inspiration? Check out the official Microsoft Hyperlapse channel on Youtube.

So tell us: How are you using the Hyperlapse for Windows Phone app? Better yet, show us!

* Please note that phones with 512 MB of RAM (such as the Lumia 520) cannot capture video at HD resolutions.